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We accompany 2200 youth on their journey to a prosperous and responsible adulthood



Developing the potential of children and youth means holistically developping their physical, intellectual and personal competencies. To do so, it is fundamental that their basic needs are covered so they can have an appropriate environment that reenforces and stimulates their development. The principal element in this is the family, which we also have to support to ensure the wellbeing of children and youth. 

To do so, we carry out projects aimed for children, youth and families in situations in risk of poverty or social exclusion. Our model of intervention centers on the person, the true protagonist of the journey. 

We address personal, social and material factors in order to achieve the transformation of each situation in a manner that is sustainable and durable (long lasting) 

 Areas of Intervention 



We promote personal and social development for infants in vulnerable situations by fostering their learning and integration in their environment and guaranteeing their rights. 

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We accompany our youth through this critical time of their life by fostering their educational and social development, helping them along the way on their journey to a responsible adult life. 

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Together with our families, we comprehensibly combat the difficulties that they face every day. We create a combination of resources, programs and services that contribute to the improvement of their wellbeing. 


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Tools for Intervention



We guide our participants through the search for employment and we also engage business to develop more opportunities for employment for people in vulnerable situations, especially youth and young adults. 

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We develop accredited training programs to reduce social and personal difficulties as well as the lack of resources that limit many youth and adults every day in their search for employment.

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We promote autonomy for minors, youth and families that do not have housing and need support in the form of alternative transitional housing as a manner of finding stability. 

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