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 Our camps and language programs 


USA, Canada and Europe

Participating in an international YMCA summer camp is a fascinating experience; a unique opportunity to immerse yourself 24/7 in the English language and enjoy beautiful natural environments. 

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Linguistic Immersion and Resident Camps in Spain


Summer camps with 100% immersion in English, adventure and fun experiences that develop the capacities of each and every participant, right here in Spain. 


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Day Camps

All the fun of a  YMCA summer camp without having to leave your city. An ideal choice for those that prefer to sleep at home while still having lots of fun in a safe environment with lots of sports, games and friends new and old. 


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 Developing your maximum potential

"Since the day I left, a day hasn't passed that I haven't thought about Camp Weona. I wanted to improve my English; I had no idea I was going to get so much more. Great friends, beautiful landscapes and complete immersion in English and US culture, just like another one of the group. I'd repeat my experience a thousand times!" - Annabel

At the YMCA we have over 30 years experience organizing camp programs in Spain and abroad. We know that each participant is unique and we want everyone to be able to maximize their potential. Attending to this level of diversity, our offerings of camp and language programs are equally diverse! There is a YMCA camp perfect for you!

Participating in a YMCA camp provides an unforgettable experience. All the while learning English through immersion in the language and learning the values of the YMCA, you'll also make new friendships that could last a lifetime. 

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